Obsessing? Stop and release. The Universe has your back.

Have you ever been in a state, when you desire something so strongly, that you can not stop obsessing about the end result? You over think, play out a thousand different scenarios in your head, feel happy about some of them and then can’t help but feel miserable about the others.Then you start obsessing about the latter. We have definitely all been there. And after decades of this useless behavior i finally know that there is a solution.

And it is so dang simple! Just surrender and trust. As Gabrielle Bernstein mentions in her amazing book Miracles Now, Universe has your back! And through the process of surrendering control, asking for guidance and paying attention we can dive in fully in the breathtaking synchronicity of our lives.

So this week let’s surrender control we think we have, and listen to our Guides and Angels, follow the signs, and trust that the outcome planned for us is of the Highest Good.

Happy Monday <3

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