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Hi all! My Name is Katya Turner and i am an ordinary girl just like you. I was born in  Kiev, Ukraine, but now i live in beautiful Fayetteville, AR with my amazing husband and partner in crime Cherokee. I am a graphic designer and photographer by trade, and own a design company ADit Graphics. I LOVE designing for my clients, as i get to create unique emotions and experiences with every new project. It’s a very interesting and rewarding job – to be able to create emotional connection of customer and a brand, starting always with just a blank white page.

But what i love doing the most, is motivating people, inspiring, empowering! This is what truly makes me come alive. Whether that has to do with career, relationships or simple every day routine, i LOVE being able to help people. I don’t have any certificates or diplomas in coaching, i am not a yoga or Reiki master (although i promised myself to get trained one day 🙂   but what i have, is true passion to help, true desire to ignite the same passion for life in others around me.

During the last year i have been on a great spiritual journey, getting to know the deepest parts of myself, and i have made a commitment to myself to do more of what brings me true joy. I will soon write a separate post about my story and will give you a full scoop of my journey up to this point. But i think the main gist of it is that you have to take the leap of faith into your deepest desires and just go for it. Kind of like me with this blog. I have a very busy design business, yet i chose to may be lose a client or two in order to make time in the day to write inspirational material, to collect stories of people who were not afraid to say F%^&k it and go for what they really want to do in life. If i can inspire at least one person to trust in their dreams and follow their heart – i have succeeded in my book 🙂

So when you read this blog, please comment, share your stories, share it with your friends! Let’s create the community of people passionate for life, let’s help people who need our support, and if you have any suggestions, contact me, i am always open for your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

Love, Katya

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